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Outsourcing software development tasks has changed into a fact of life for the majority of successful companies. Today’s real question is not if they should outsource or otherwise, but where to outsource to. Speaking about countries, there are some options which might be more obvious but there are many that could become your best partners and friends for good. Let’s have a closer examine Belarus, an Eastern European country located between Poland and Russia, recently named among the 5 top IT outsourcing countries in Central and Eastern Europe through the Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association. The real-estate in Belarus is recognized as the past untouched and unexplored market inside the continent of Europe. Yet, there are many obstacles within the way of foreign investors looking to purchase property in Belarus. According to Belarus laws, foreigners and foreign legal entities aren’t permitted to invest in real estate in Belarus. However, there are ways around everything and the ones purchase Belarus real-estate through Belarusian companies indirectly. The entire land area in Belarus is of the federal government. Even the citizens of the country who wish to buy residential or commercial Belarus properties obtain a 50 year term lease on their own properties.

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Since the country is also experiencing an improvement spurt with regards to its economy, it can be witnessing a Belarus bubble while using prices rising with the rate of 25 to 20 percent every year. It is anticipated to keep to the same path in the foreseeable future. The amount of quality property available is fairly limited in comparison to the rising interest in these properties, thus ensuring a positive outlook. All transactions that involve a house valued greater than or corresponding to 150 thousand dollars must be personally approved by the President of the nation. This bureaucratic process takes up a lot of time as a result of substantial delays, particularly to the western investors and companies which produce a quick buck in this lucrative market.

Belarus is geographically located in Europe and borders on three EU countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The time zone is GMT 2, which can be only 7 hours time difference with New York. Customers from America make use of a non-stop project management model, through which they look at the results of the day’s operate in the morning after which possess a whole day to work out new tasks and send them back to Belarus. Belarusian software developers are working, while their overseas company is asleep. Usually, the 2 don’t have any under two common business hours for several management related purposes. Being close geographically does not necessarily mean being easy accessible, but Belarus is not the case. Minsk, the main city capital of scotland- Belarus, is only in 2 and a half hour flight distance from Frankfurt plus three and a half hours from London. Belarusian visa is simple to obtain with the airport upon arrival.

Booking an accommodation in Minsk or perhaps Belarus normally may be also problematic. The reason for which can be very high prices for that service that you receive. It is highly recommended to book only 4 and 5-star hotels or maybe you should not have a a decent amount of service. Renting an apartment is another great option. It permits you to have the identical a higher level service at a price that is certainly no less than 2-3 times lower. For example, a 4-star hotel costs about 150 euro per night and the same kind of apartment can cost you from 50 to 80 euro per night. As a rule all people which come to Belarus and continue to save tend to rent an apartment.